I’m Pam McCall, and as a Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher, I’m here to remind you to take care of yourself by bringing your life, business, and self into balance and live life more on your own terms. I’ll help you say NO MORE to feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed while depleting your energy and working yourself to death in your home, your business, or your career.

Good things come to those whose energy is high. This is exactly why I start you off with my free guide, '3 Strategies To Position Yourself To Be Happier'. Get Your Copy Below.

Download the guide (5 min. Read). By implementing any one of the 3 strategies I show you in the guide will help position you to be happier.

I've created and encourage a Life By Design attitude which includes 3 principles of practice, being aware, living with intention, and bringing balance to your life, business, and self.

<h1>Design Your Life -Principle #2</h1>

Design Your Life - Principle #1


Care about how you feel and follow the ease.

<h1>Design Your Life -Principle #2</h1>

Design Your Life -Principle #2


Live an intentional life by your own design.

<h1>Design Your Life - Principle #3</h1>

Design Your Life - Principle #3


Bring balance to your life, business, and self.

Gift of Awareness www.pammccall.com

Gift of Awareness

We all have gifts. Many, we all share. Such as the ability to be conscious or aware of what you sense and how you feel. Principle #1 of living a life by design is accessing the spiritual gift of AWARENESS.  Awareness is the conscious knowing of  what your senses are communicating to you.  We’ve all said things […]

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